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About the Great Start Initiative

We understand that the most effective means of empowering our communities is to first bring financial empowerment into our own lives. When a member joins our Great Start Initiative network, and begins using the Wealth Builder System, they have immediate access to one of the most comprehensive educational courses on financial empowerment anywhere!

When they begin to experience powerful life changing results, they will be proud to share the secret of their success with their friends, neighbors and loved ones. When people see our results, they will listen!

If you are interested in learning more about the Great Start Initiative Mentorship Program and Profit-Sharing opportunity, please visit our website at: www.GSIProgram.com

    Great Start Initiative and the Wealth Builder System was created by Joel Gudger. 

    Joel Gudger has been a pilot for United Airlines and a sought after youth mentor for many years. Joel has been mentoring teens and young adults through several programs including the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, where he was recognized with a OBAP Distinguished Service Award.

    A Message From Joel

    In addition to my passion for flying jet airplanes, I have a passion for mentoring people to reach their dreams and aspirations. 

    Over the past 15 years I have shared in those magic moments when the people that I am mentoring call me with tears in their eyes to tell me that they just achieved their long sought after dream careers.

    Wow what a moment! 

    I have had my fair share of heartbreaks as well. You see, over the years, I have found that the single biggest roadblock to my mentees reaching their dreams is a lack of financial resources to fund their education. There were times when I had a helpless feeling of only being able to offer words encouragement to someone struggling  not to give up on their dreams. Unfortunately, I have actually seen people give up on the pursuit of their dream because of a lack of financial resources! I wanted to provide something more tangible than mere heartfelt words of encouragement.

    This is what inspired the Great Start Initiative and thus, the Wealth Builder System was born!

     -Joel Gudger

    Contact Joel Directly:

    Email: Joel@gsiprogram.com

    Phone: 510 823 9059